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Blood, Sweat, and Beer is a feature documentary about the explosive growth of the craft beer industry and the dramatic journeys of two start-up breweries.

The film follows a trio of 23-year-olds as they struggle to start The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company in Braddock, PA. Matt, Asa, and Brandon hope their brewery will help this once-prosperous steel town bounce back from decades of neglect, violence, and population loss.

The film also tells the emotional story of Danny Robinson, a boardwalk brewery owner and restaurateur whose empire is threatened by an aggressive trademark lawsuit that could leave him penniless.

Four entrepreneurs, two brand new breweries, and one ultimate goal: to quench the thirst of the craft-craving masses.

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February 6th @ 2pm
St. Paul, MN
Summit Brewing Company
February 28th @ 3pm
Mundelein, IL
Tighthead Brewing Co.
in on February the 28th at 3:00. We

Cast & Crew

  • A Film By:
    Chip Hiden and Alexis Irvin
  • Featuring: Danny Robinson Backshore Brewing
  • Featuring: Matt Katase Brew Gentlemen Brewing Co.
  • Featuring: Asa Foster Brew Gentlemen Brewing Co.
  • Featuring: Brandon Capps New Image Brewing Co.
  • Sound & Color:
    Nick Szpara
  • Executive Producers:
    Paul Sankovich
    Michele Wilt
  • Associate Producers:
    Kip Piper
    Bob Ervin
  • Contact Filmmakers:
    BloodSweatBeerMovie (at) Gmail.com


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